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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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treatment of those alternate water sources it's implemented with the partnership with the san francisco puc or department of building inspection and the department of public health and to date over 20 projects to treat a variety of alternate water sources puc collection information on the water faucets we'll provide up to $2,150,000 and others for sharing watering i'm going to turn it over i'm going to turn it over i'm going to turn it over i'm going to turn it over to sfich to conclude. >> other possibilities 20 projects that are using for non-use of water within the buildings that's one possible
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area to explore more those people are voluntarily going it it liking looks at like a good thing to do and the saving associated with the installation of on site water multiple sfnldz and have the tools to make that happen it's one possibility and certainly help to educate the developers about the non portable 0 act. and over all we're, of course, looking at more conservation there's a little bit more you can do not enough to fulfill all the needs more recycled water but on a larger front looking at new uses of water transfers with other entities when everyone is
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short another way to have a conservation is to get through a biblical drought that will be an attractive item as well as the last item on the list to direct water and that's one that is untouchable but more serious research into the potential for directed use of watering so we're involved in looking at those things we know that as progressive water that's what you need to do. >> direct that means not coming from a recycled water plant but inside our own home. >> no taking water from the ocean control plant and treating it and pitting that into the
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drinking water distribution. >> in terms of water recycling where do you see us heading in the next year's there's a lot of challenges in terms of you know obviously we're moving forward with golden gate park and 45r8gd park, etc. but in terms of homes there are a lot of challenges around the plumbing and doing separately plumbing systems where do you see us in terms of large-scale water. >> on first of all, individual homes we think are problematic it's hard to do on an individual basis the plumbing is going to be installed to protect that believe that's why we focus on commercial and single-family
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homes to protect the folks in the long-term so in terms of the recycled water and the dent in water supplies the true answers in suburban you'll are treat it to a certain level the water spends 6 months in factual and the natural portal water then treated to a much higher level and inject it into the drinking water system looked like if it stays dry that is a consideration. >> is it being used. >> it is being done in different countries around the world that have like san diego has been looking at that to come
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up with a feasibility assessment and draft recollections for what would be considered acceptable for quoteable use for 2 years. >> that's a psychological barrier but science will have to come up with that. >> that's the urban touchable but approachable in conversation now. >> in terms of sub metering or individual metering unit i know that is something we've decided there are code challenges and challenges around cost particularly in existing buildings but especially in a place like san francisco where you know largely people in multi you unit buildings when you start imposing a announced 10 or
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20 percent it's challenging to be that it's one thing in a multiple pa single-family homes it is easier but in a building if the tenant didn't care many didn't some do no incentive to conserve and it puts an hoa or a landlord in a difficult position the hoa will get fined or the landlord and even if they have a was to pass through right now in san francisco the landlord gets penalize the landlord can't pass through the the tenant and hoa presuming will pass it through then you have condo owners or
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tenants that are doing a beautiful job but are getting penalized because they don't know who is using the water it's not fair but not achieving the goal of incentive vision zero people through costs to actually conserve water what can we do to create the incentives for the multi use buildings. >> you're laying out a difficult challenge my personal view is that you know technological advancements getting a excise it to clamp into a pipe that can tell you how much pipe this is the ideal situation and right minds to put their efforts that is one tool you don't have to mess with the
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plumbing beyond that it is i will acknowledge extremely difficult but on the other hand, when you look at san francisco as paula mentioned gallons per capita per day based on the conservation techniques out there if everyone was perfect my may 25th gallons per day but in san francisco people that maybe using more than their share can do more the replacement of fixtures that's it that's where we see the big bang for the buck not only the 5 to 3 gallons of toilets out by all the
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individuals actions add up i have a positive outcome for the san franciscans to 0 reduce water usage. >> i think most people in the city care of conservation and people are not wasting the water by unfortunately not everyone didn't seem always a mindset we're in san francisco i think you've noted we're ahead of the curve in terms of the water usage we do in san francisco you see in many instances we continue to lead the way and really set the best possible examples for the rest of the state and the country i know with the puc has taken the bold it steps to moving in the right direction and i'm appreciative of the agencies. >> thank you. >> okay terrific questions or
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comments okay. that includes the presentation that is extremely useful for me and the public there's so many questions and understanding so with that, anyone from the public wish to speak on this item i have one public comment item mr. brooks yeah. >> but good afternoon eric brooks representing san francisco local grassroots organization in our city also open the san francisco bay sierra club water committee i want to say i kind of want to reiterate what you lead with supervisor wiener at the beginning of this that et al those departments are
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doing cool city to make things better there are aorta cities like los angeles that are rocketing way ahead unof us on kr50i8gd water and san diego might going for portable use we know the climate crisis is going to make water a big deal we need to make the capital investment and 3w4r0i68dz to change it one good example this is something not done that needs to be tested a furg i got the enterprise to study compost in toilets you think this is a worthwhile or inner thing the new ones are very useful and to give you an example of how much water if we
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switched every toilet in the city to a non-flush or n indoor compost toilet saved 5 billion gallons of water a year this is totally making unnecessary the one thing that the puc had on their list of options we oppose that is putting diesel nation out it requires higher amazes of the energy and pollution and should in the be equal on the list a last resort. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello supervisor wiener and supervisor kim in the city we have 10 thousand holy you beauty and 10 thousand of having angle
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voices to insure every one of p them have a good living standard along with the city stingd not only the plain lives without bands like a mango relationship and marriage thirty years of doing you're part of city support. >> is there any additional public comment on - we have a motion and a second up. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm shawn residential builders association i'm glad this topic is being discussed i'll share a quick stories 2 unit buildings uses about the same water as a 25 unit metered building you get more than a 50 percent reduction but here's the reality this is the real world even though it
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costs more money to plump the building our members are willing and most developers to at least try to do this what happens even though you spend the money plumbing the building you have to go and buy a meter nobody will sell a meter in san francisco anywhere the reason is our county our department of public health our ways and means has made an interpretation the only county in the state of california to this interpretation if the meter didn't pass they take out their drill and destroy the meter not hand it back to they industry it and put up every obstacle to stop us from metering those buildings now we've brought this up to the puc in the past evidently months ago we offered
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some very good helpful suggestions i suggest to avoid the confusion puc should buy a couple of hundred or thousand let us bye buy from them we shouldn't have to go to the weights and measures with the ways and means the only reason we need them is because they've terminated themselves themselves as an hoa self-- not selling water just. >> sir first of all, you said 12 unit buildings uses as much of a 25 building as sub mediator and correct the 12 unit unmetered. >> and in terms of the last
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point can you get dbi or puc to comment on that i'm not sure i understand that. >> first that's the first i've heard sub meters they're not used for resale that's the first time i've heard that. >> sir, do you have anything. >> we've had where we've gone out and forced some sub metered building and they've put meter in the only ways to accept those if they're done by ways and maples and they're okay and we get certification of that it needs to be done yearly and if failed they'll industry the
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meter. >> that's the department of public health. >> so that's treat the same way as the business of scale. >> yes. if there're stale scale is off they come in and if it is checked and doesn't comply they take it out. >> it that done on a single-family home. >> no. >> they're not quote/unquote to industry the meters did that come out like an mischief active interpretation by dpw. >> i don't know. >> we'll look at could you connect with jeff in my office we'll look at supervisor cohen. >> yes. i want to acknowledge shawn's commits i appreciate i
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calling up the department heads it so you would the describing of meters is a common practice that's universally done no one industry is focused or singled out; is that correct. >> well, so it's treated the same as a scale and done with the testing basically i understand that the abducting goes out and don't the annual inspections to make sure the businesses are not cheating customers and using the scales incorrectly it is a difficult category than the traditional processed and so we'll definitely take a look at that that's odd. >> one more i know i think so when the scale if the scale doesn't pass the inspection it is destroyed certainly
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contractors having the scale giving it back to them you have an opportunity to return it to the company can you over clarification exactly. >> it causes a big problem because it i buy 40 meter and if they 5 don't pass if i send them back to the manufacturer to recall them with 5 more but the ways and means has an odd calibration method doing and none of the companies that sells the meters that the company our members were graft tat toward they won't sell to san francisco they'll sell to san mateo or up north or in the east bay they're sick of dealing with ways and means. >> one could interpret delta is
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sell on infer product. >> you can buy from self are manufacturers he doesn't did care care but the california brags some is educate in san francisco they do their best to not. >> what makes it unique. >> they don't want you to do that and they don't want - and you to sell. >> the reason i was the best explanation she said i'm a landlord. >> she is that the department. >> someone from the ways and means. >> i said i'm a landlord i'm here representing a developer trying to put but in a meter this has to do with water
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conservation. >> they were roadblocks everywhere and we have to reinvest this. >> ways and means gets involved with the gas station meters in the case of the hoa they're resan bernardino the cost of the water there's no mark up. >> how long has 24 policy or situation being go on. >> about a year, year and a half. >> is this a new policy. >> about 2 1/2 years. >> so new. >> it is two or three years old. >> i'm going to let the hearing go ahead and continue supervisor kim has something. >> it's been a source of frustration. >> it's only one side. >> but all about finding
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solutions. >> the bottom line there are so many obstacles to the individual metering we want to make sure. >> supervisor kim and i think my line of questioning were similar to what the supervisors asked we shouldn't be sdrin e destroying meters that's shocking whether it's accurate or not at any time returning them but like to clear up that policy it makes sense we allow the hoa in large buildings to figure out showing you how to conserve water and hold individual units it's hard in a multi unit building even though for a tenant that wants to conserve water they may not know their uncle but to look at that policy and not to be striking
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property whether it's at right meters or not. >> thank you so milestone my office will talk to the department of public health and colleagues thank you for that is there any additional public comment on item 3? okay seeing none, public comment is closed so colleagues, i want it thank you to the department and the members of the public for this hearing i think such we all know we're 2, 3, 4 a drought and see it on the news and in the paper today's hearing shows this is an merging and growing issue we don't know whether the drought is going to be over even if we get rain we need to be prepared for a 140er789 and long term situation where we have to seriously conserve water we'll do things devil and make sure our codes and practices are
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actually consistent with the potential reality the crisis the growing crisis we face and again san francisco needs to be at the forefront not other cities across the crisis leaping towards us so colleagues i'll entertain a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair >> so moved. >> we'll take that without objection. that will be the order thank you madam clerk call item 2. >> item 2 is an ordinance mit the health care with the establishing fees. >> supervisor cohen is the author the item 2. >> good afternoon imagine i want to thank you for hearing there are areas in the south beach area that survivor from
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traffic and free traffic and significant monuments of construction activities we know that the closure such as dealings admissions lead to health problems for people living next to freeways are the most vulnerable and the city we're also aggressively addressing the former industrial areas in brown field sites with new housing as well as open parks to address some of the hajz xajz challenges and impacts i've been working with the planning department to strengthen our new housing development to make sure we're protecting the public's health the ordinance you're considering updates our landmark to require the developers who are retrofits
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a building or new housing in a hot spot zone to have conventionallation to their tenant are getting clean air this will stripe it by clearly identifying the areas in the city where we know those enhanced measures are needed i've heard from the members with the costs associated with the technology and a desire to have a process in place that shuttered the measures for the remit to that end colleagues, i have one amendment that requires the department of public health the department of building inspection and the fire department to w work to review and evaluate possible technologies and policies that
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maybe implemented to meet those requirements this amendment requires the department to transmit a report to the board of supervisors within one hundred and 20 days to the operative date that details where they are in the implementation process now i don't know we have a disagreement on the policy issue what we have is a desire to sure the policy is implemented and implemented well the legislation is part of american people overall strategy to keep the residents particularly those who have suffered from the wide range of health issues it focused on the poverty and land use and many other yourselves that effect the sean where we're bringing health
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initials we're e-cigarette the health commission health impacts experience a variety of sources including the neighborhoods district 10 no secret is a having a lot of construction to make sure this construction is utilizing the best technology to protect the health and safety of our residents they're real vial injustices we must use every tool available to us to insure that our residents are healthy and save i want to call up karen cone and followed by wade from the planning department i want to let them talk about this. >> thank you so much supervisor wiener and supervisors thank you for the opportunity i'm karen from the environmental
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commissioner president wu to update this is an efficient process for the urban development right now the people that are doing a great job of giving us more how's by are meeting are the needs of the sequa process it is slightly different requirements now written in our draft began with that goal in mind to be compatible we'll be saving developers a third of their costs as the technology that has become nor available to protect the residents it's our duty to bring those forward, and, secondly, to a duty to regulate the community has the supervisor said we want them to be
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confident and you may have seen this newspaper article on the day that supervisor cohen introduced this legislation the order please my coworker lives on berry straight it's a beautiful tree lined street i've learned we don't perceive air pollution because of the drought we've been talking about we have to wait for the that is a days to receive the accumulation of pollution i'm sure you're aware of this has been more frequent but once you to my colleagues department you'll see that the normal building style used has been called a z deduct that


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